200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training

Learn to become a teacher of Classical Yoga in our Teacher Training Program. Our 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified course is designed for aspiring teachers from all traditions who want to enrich and expand their personal practices and learn to teach yoga with depth, clarity and wisdom. We offer this course once a year, starting in February.

Our training draws from the ancient spiritual roots of yoga. Under the guidance of Swami Jaya Devi, students will gain an experiential understanding of all eight limbs of yoga, and how they work together to influence and change your experience of life, both on and off the mat. Instructors will include internationally renowned yoga masters.

An In-Depth Study of Classical Yoga

This course will take you more deeply into the experience of yoga as a moving meditation, and teach you how to bring the same experience to others. It will create a deep understanding of the asanas and their techniques, the power of pranayama, experiential anatomy, yoga philosophy and theory, meditation, mantra, mudra and the ultimate goal of yoga: union; wholeness of being.

In addition, you will gain an understanding of four major paths of yoga: Raja Yoga, the eight-limbed path described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras; Jnana Yoga, the path of intellectual study and introspection; Karma Yoga, the path of service and action; and Bhakti Yoga, the path of devotion. You will experience each of these paths personally, as you participate in the different parts of the course. At the end of the course, you will be well prepared to teach others the depth of classical yoga.

Each weekend, students will learn the physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of yoga. Students will gain hands-on experience through Experiential Anatomy and asana practice. We will explore each of the chakras in-depth, learning how yoga asana, meditation and breathwork affect each of the different chakras, and how to use the practices of yoga to keep the body’s energy centers open and available. Through a carefully guided exploration of breathwork (pranayama), students will be initiated into many of the classical yogic breaths and learn how to unleash the power of these breaths to clear the energy centers and open a free flow of energy through their being.

Throughout the course, students will dive into the ancient practices of meditation, and learn to calm and discipline the mind. These practices will include an exploration of Naad Yoga, the yoga of sound. We will chant different mantras and kirtans, using vibration and intention to open the heart and focus the mind on higher realms. Students will also have an opportunity to take their yoga off the mat and practice karma yoga by creating and participating in a group community service project.

2020/21 CYTT Open House Sessions

For anyone interested in the program, we are offering Open House meetings  on the following Saturdays:

  • September 19
  • October 17
  • November 21
  • December 12
  • January 16

Our Open House includes Swami Jaya Devi’s 10:00 am yoga class and an 11:45 am – 12:30 pm virtual gathering with her and the teaching staff to learn more about the course. There will be plenty of time for Q & A so bring your questions!

The class and meetings are, of course, free of charge.

All Open House offerings will be live streamed.

RSVP to agnima@kashiatlanta.org.


$2,100 Full Tuition

Early Bird Discount:
$1,950 with registration by November 15 and remainder paid in full with cash or check ($2,000 credit card) upon acceptance into the program.

We have payment plans available to fit your budget! Please call the office to learn more.

A $500 refundable deposit is due with the application. You can pay your deposit online when you submit your application. Payment may also be made in person or over the phone by contacting our office at (404) 687-3353. Thank you!

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CYTT Student

Who We Are

Voted Best Yoga Studio in Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta every year from 2000 – 2015, Kashi Atlanta is an urban ashram and sanctuary that actively serves its community as a yoga center and a provider of service programs aiding people in need. A core group of committed individuals and the community as a whole contribute daily to creating and maintaining a space of spiritual community that encourages real healing and growth. Through yoga, service and an interfaith spiritual environment, we provide an atmosphere that nourishes the body, mind and spirit and encourages the integration of classical yogic principles into daily life.

Kashi Atlanta was founded in 1998 as Jaya Devi Yoga, a small for-profit yoga studio. As our service programs grew, founder Swami Jaya Devi realized that yoga classes and community service programs formed a powerful alliance that could do tremendous good for the community. Renamed Kashi Atlanta by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, the guru of our lineage, we became a non-profit organization in May of 2000. Today, all profits from the yoga studio are used to support and expand the many charitable service programs we offer. Since our inception, the mission of the ashram has been one of education, service and healing, with living roots in the teachings of Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati and her guru, Neem Karoli Baba. We are an extension of Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida, which was established by Ma in 1976.

CYTT Darshan

Requirements and Registration

Becoming a yoga teacher is a commitment you make to yourself. It is a commitment to live a yogic lifestyle of mindfulness and truth, with an intention to practice peace rather than chaos. You will be asked to participate fully in this program, which includes attendance at all classes and completion of all assignments.

Space is limited — applications are being accepted now, and approved as they are submitted. A $500 refundable deposit is due with the application. If you are accepted, your deposit will be applied to your tuition. If you are not eligible, your deposit will be refunded.

Upon approval of your application, you will receive an orientation packet that will include details about the curriculum, schedules, books used during the course and other pertinent information.

Student Testimonials

“The past 6 months have been life changing for me. The work involved in CYTT at Kashi has taught me that it is possible to live happily among life’s struggles.”
— Courtney (2014 graduate)

“This has been a life changing experience. I have felt loved, support, and kindness through the entire process. My mind, body, and spirit have opened up and been stretched. The course was extremely well organized and I got so much more than I expected.”
— Carol (2014 graduate)

“What an introspective experience! A transformation of mind and body in just 5 months! I really learned so much about myself. The spiritual sessions gave me lessons on gratitude. Yoga classes gave me a better understanding of what this practice should be and the homework was a beautiful mix of reference books on awareness, practices, and anatomy. Thank you for the experience… I received more than I expected.”
— Karen W  (2014 graduate)

“This program fulfilled my hopes for a yoga teacher training more than I could have ever imagined. From the first weekend I felt held by this community. The course has been a deep immersion into practice and learning how to teach. Having so many amazing teachers who were all so different enhanced the way I practice, but it also gave me a wide scope of teaching styles and personalities to observe as I watched myself becoming a teacher.”
— Dassy (2014 graduate)

“Kashi and the CYTT program gave me tools and the ability to live my life again.”
— Lindsay (2014 graduate)

“This was a deep course that pushed you to learn more about the ancient traditions of yoga, but also a lot about yourself. It was very well rounded and helped me to grow as a yogi and as a person. It helped initiate me onto a path I plan to travel for the rest of my life.”
— Evan (2014 graduate)

“I went into the course with a great sense of mystery and with little expectation, except that I trusted there would be a great deal of growth. Swami Jaya Devi’s love and demeanor immediately put me in a place of trust and openness. I found my physical strength from the inside out.”
— Kibby (2014 graduate)

“The welcome at Kashi is always warm. I feel at home and comfortable when I walk through the doors of the Ashram, unlike any other yoga studio I have visited.”
— Valencia (2012 and 2014 graduate)

“Every encounter with the CYTT teachers was a positive experience. The course was very comprehensive – (we learned) not just about yoga poses and sequences, but ways to address the mind, body, and spirit.”
— Val Carey (2014 graduate)

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