Pilates is a 100 year-old movement system that focuses on strengthening the deep core and postural muscles. In a typical Pilates class or private session, we will start with basic breathwork and progress through a sequence of specific exercises that target the core and postural muscles. Many of the exercises are performed lying down, to lessen the effects of gravity. The class or session usually ends with standing balancing work.

Pilates can help mobilize stiff places in the body and simultaneously stabilize and strengthen those areas that are weak. Other benefits of Pilates include increased flexibility and range of motion, enhanced circulation, greater balance and coordination, and deeper breathing. It is also an effective form of exercise for those who are recovering from injury or seeking a complementary form of conditioning to their existing fitness regimen.

We currently offer a mixed level Pilates mat class on Tuesday evenings from 7:45 – 8:45 pm. This is a group class that is appropriate for all levels (beginner to advanced) and all fitness backgrounds.

We also offer private Pilates sessions on the Pilates apparatus. During an hour-long private session, you will have the opportunity to work on the Pilates reformer and tower apparatus to address your unique and individual needs.

Rates for private Pilates sessions are as follows:
Single session: $75
Package of five sessions: $350
Package of 10 sessions: $675

Our certified Pilates and Gyrotonic® instructor Sodashi is offering weekly classes as well as individual sessions.

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