Mantra and Japa

Mantra repetition, japa, is an expression of a form of yoga called nad or naad. Naad Yoga is the yoga of sound: the use of sound to change the vibration of the cells and the vibration of the mind. Mantras are sacred sounds of power – ancient sound vibrations that are chanted repeatedly to purify and steady the mind, the heart and the nervous system. Mantra may be used to awaken different spiritual aspects within the practitioner. Most mantras are in Sanskrit, an ancient, sacred, vibrational language.

Japa is a form of prayer, devotion and meditation.  We can practice  japa as an offering of love and a way to cultivate our connection to the Divine, both within and without.

Mantra has been referred to  as “yoga for the mind”. Done with sincere effort, mantra repetition can lead to one-pointed focus and pure thought. The sound and the thought merge and the meaning is transcended, leading to oneness. In this way, mantra repetition leads you deeply into meditation.

We offer a number of opportunities to explore and experience the practice of japa, in a variety of forms.

Our free monthly Mantra Group is a chance to learn and practice mantra with others. When voices are joined to chant together, the vibrational power of the mantra is multiplied exponentially.

Kirtan combines mantra and music in a powerful, heart-opening practice that eases the mind and lifts the spirits. We open our weekly Spiritual Growth and Meditation class by chanting kirtan as a way to prepare the space and our hearts to receive teachings. The Kashi Atlanta Kirtan Wallahs also offer several fundraising concerts every year.

For those interested in learning more about language and script of these ancient mantras, we are now offering a workshop to introduce you to Sanskrit and Devanāgarī.