Kashi@Work Team Building Service Outreach

Create a unique and memorable experience for your organization with our Kashi@Work Team Building Service Outreach program.  We’ll provide your employees with a valuable opportunity for team building that includes yoga, meditation and community service.

Street MealsUp to twelve students will join us for a private 75-minute yoga asana class followed by a Q&A session.  We will work with you to design a theme for your yoga class to meet your needs – whether your group wants an energetic flow or a restorative class with breathwork and meditation.  Mats, props, aromatherapy, and music are included.  Each participant also receives a pass for a Kashi yoga class with a 30 day expiry.

After class, you will join our Street Meals team to make 400 meals for distribution at the Peachtree and Pine Street Homeless Shelter.   The following day, your team can join us as we deliver lunches to the shelter.  If desired, your organization may be listed as a sponsor of Kashi’s Street Meals program on our website and marketing materials.


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