Ayurveda and Natural Health

Have you struggled with pain and fatigue as a consistent factor in your life?  Ever wondered if natural remedies can work for you? Overwhelmed by the amount of information on the Internet?  India’s 10,000-year-old traditional medical system can help…

It is called Ayurveda and it is arguably the oldest traditional medical system with roots dating back to 8,000 B.C.   Translated as “the science of life” or “science of longevity”, Ayurveda has a model for identifying the cause of imbalance that is unique to each individual and provides remedies, practices, food, and other natural approaches for removing that cause.   Kashi Atlanta is one of the oldest providers of Ayurveda and its sister science, Yoga, in Atlanta.  Since the early 2000s, the staff of Kashi Atlanta has practiced Ayurvedic living and practices as only Ashram life can provide.   We also have a staff Ayurveda practitioner, Rishi Forrester, who has been in practice as a certified Ayurveda practitioner since 2007.

If you want individual answers to anything blocks your sense of wellness and strength in your being, then call or email him at rishi@kashiatlanta.org.

Ayurveda sessions are designed to provide deep and individual insight into your physical constitution from an Ayurvedic standpoint.   These Vedic insights lead to powerful and natural remediation to everything from general well-being to specific troubles such as inflammation, headaches, digestive challenges, and much more.

Ayurveda Sessions run 60 minutes and are broken down in 45 minutes of assessment plus 15 minutes of recommendations.  Sessions are the same regardless of whether it is the first time or the tenth time you are coming. Cost is $108 payable to the Kashi Front Desk after your session is complete.   Cash, Check, or Charge are all accepted

Rishi is  usually booked about 2-3 weeks in advance.  

All sessions are conducted in the Ayurveda and Reiki room at Kashi Atlanta Yoga Studio located in Candler Park near the first Flying Biscuit in 30307 just west of Little Five Points.  

Please bring yourself and any supplements that you wish for me to review.  Otherwise, call Rishi at 404-939-6499 if there are any questions or concerns.

Costs is $108 with a %50 discount for teachers, firefighters, police, miltary, or social workers of any and all types.  

Rishi has a %100 money back no questions asked policy if you find the service is not right for you.  To date, Rishi has not had a single soul ask for a refund in 10 years of practice, but if you are unhappy Rishi will honor this policy without hesitation.  The highest goal is your health and healing and Rishi welcomes the opportunity to address any imbalance.

Email: rishi@kashiatlanta.org
Phone: 1.404.939.6499