Maha Tara Nierman

Resident · Director Physical Operations · Technical Support Expert · Handy with Tools

Maha Tara Jaya met Swami Jaya Devi in 2000, and met her Guru Ma Jaya in 2001. She graduated with the first Classical Yoga Teachers Training course offered at Kashi Atlanta in 2003. She became a live-in resident of Kashi Atlanta Ashram in 2004 and presently serves as director of Kashi Atlanta’s physical ashram buildings and grounds.

Kashi Atlanta’s physical body provides a first impression to all of our customers, neighbors, and community and Maha Tara is inspired by Kashi volunteers’ tireless commitment to keeping it beautiful! Ma Jaya teaches, “Any act of service becomes a state of surrender to something bigger than your ego.”

Director Physical Operations: The purpose of this position is to understand all the activities required to maintain and improve the ashram buildings, grounds and equipment (excluding equipment and systems that fall under information technology), and to develop the strategies, processes, and team for Kashi Atlanta to operate in a beautiful, simple and efficient setting. The beauty and simplicity of Kashi Atlanta’s physical site provides the foundation for all Kashi Atlanta activities and is Kashi’s first impression with all of our customers, neighbors, and community. Volunteering to help take care of Kashi Atlanta’s physical “body” provides a first step for existing students to become a deeper part of the community.