Amrit Kulick

Resident · Psychotherapist, Ph.D.

Amrit Jaya (Melissa Kulick) first walked through Kashi Atlanta’s doors in 2002 to attend an open darshan given by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati. Within a month, she began regularly attending Swami Jaya Devi’s Wednesday night Spiritual Growth and Meditation class. Soon after, she became involved in Kashi Atlanta’s Street Meals Program. It was a highlight of her week and for over six years she rarely missed a Wednesday distribution until her schedule made it too difficult for her to continue.

Though she never had plans to become a yoga teacher, her desire to deepen her own practice led Amrit to participate in and graduate from Kashi Atlanta’s first Classical Yoga Teacher Training in 2004. As a result of her further desire to immerse herself more fully in her lineage, Amrit completed the Kali Natha Yoga Teacher Training at Kashi Ashram in 2007. While she may not teach any formal classes, Amrit gratefully brings the teachings and tools of her spiritual path to her work as a psychologist, where she assists clients in ‘practicing yoga off the mat.’

Amrit became a resident of the ashram in 2004, as an expression of her commitment to her ashram, community, and spiritual path. She is grateful for the daily opportunities this provides her to connect to the deeper meaning in her life, and to care for her ashram and satsanga. One of the ways that Amrit gets to serve her ashram is in her role as ashram photographer; she is grateful for the opportunity to do something she loves in support of her community.