Agni Jaya Starfire

Yoga Instructor · Member · Director of Fundraising

Agni Jaya Starfire ignites vision for inspired change, building bridges across cultures, both within her work as an international banker as well as her spiritual practices. Prior to embarking on her joyous awakening relationship with her Guru, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, she ‘apprenticed’ with Native American teachers, OhShinnah Fast Wolf and Sun Bear. She has been teaching spiritual workshops, and leading healing ceremonies for over 25 years. She loves teaching and practicing Kali Natha Yoga, and serves as Director of Community Outreach and Seva at Kashi Atlanta.

Director Fundraising: This purpose of this position is to understand the critical roles that community service and fundraising play in Kashi Atlanta’s mission and vision, and to develop and implement a strategic plan that enables Kashi Atlanta’s service programs and fund raising to thrive. Fundraising is a critical function that enables Kashi Atlanta to continue to stay in service and help people in need, while providing its students with opportunities to serve. The service program offerings at Kashi Atlanta reflect the deepest values of our community and dictate the personal growth experiences of our students.