The Mystical Force of Grace

There is a mystical love force that some call shakti, some call the essence of the universe and some call the Mother. But this presence, this sacred dance of energy is also known as grace. The grace of being fully alive and using this lifetime to grow and heal and serve like never before. What is the dance of shakti and grace? How do you use this cosmic dance to become more free, more authentic, more fully you?

We are made up of electricity: the vibrations of energy and grace. Grace implies a sacredness, a force of consciousness that is beyond matter, space and time. This consciousness has an ability to help you see the beauty in life, even when life is filled with pain, uncertainty or longing. The vibration of grace awakens the inner awareness that you are part of the sacred dance and that sometimes you suffer and other times you feel immense joy. It gives you the ability to step back from your reactions and know that you are moving in time with the sacred rhythm of the universe. This inner knowing reminds you that you are already okay; you just have to remember that you are. This awareness can come in one breath of connecting to an inner presence. It can calm the mind and remind you that you are more than your thoughts or experiences; you are your soul’s own grace, fully in the moment, open to what is. This openness takes practice, but opening to grace and asking for the universe or life to teach you, keeps you vibrant and curious, engaging effusively in a heart-centered life.

Having met my guru in my 30s, I both felt and saw that the guru has an extraordinary ability to awaken grace. Gurus are known for overwhelming your mind with the abundance of their love, so that you cannot think you way out of feeling. The grace of the guru opens the deeper dimensions of the heart unlike anything else I have witnessed. Surely gurus are a mystical force of grace, committed to living in the flesh, on the earth, in the timeless dance of being.  Gurus embody shakti and grace, spiritual consciousness infused with devotional love. This radical love force can startle us into awareness or gently remind us that we are born of love, and we are here to live from the deepest, wildest devotion our hearts can handle.  The grace of the guru asks us to relinquish our ego, the hidden spaces where we are most attached and stuck. A moment of truly letting go can liberate us from the habits that bind us and open us to a reality where a mystical power bigger and greater than us is at play. We know our small-mindedness cannot be the biggest thing out there, and secretly relish the breathtaking notion that we can be radically awake and free.

Dancing with grace keeps you engaged with the mystical qualities of the self. You yourself are made up of mysticism, infused with grace and willingness. How will you dance with the mysticism of your being? How will you bow and flow with grace? You can call out to the shakti-filled grace of the universe, the sacred aliveness pulsing in every atom of the cosmos. Everything in the universe is sacred and pulsing with holy energy. Your ability to perceive this wild dance deepens as you do your sadhana. You learn to feel the pulse and force of creation moving through your bones. Like the tidal pull of the moon, you pulse with possibility. You feel the current of the Mother, of choice and grace dancing, alive inside of you. But the wildest experience of grace is in the tantric moment when you know that as you call out to the grace of the universe, the grace of the universe is also calling out to you.