Jail Yoga Program Expansion Part 2 – Additional Classes including our first Men’s Class!

On April 20, 2015 the Dekalb County Jail kicked off a pilot program for the female inmates in general population. The 8-week pilot program offered various courses including Writing, Brain Games, Reading Circle, How to… (Life Skills), Logic Skills and Yoga to the general population of female inmates.

The pilot program was a huge success!

The demand for yoga classes was so great that in July 2015 we started offering an additional yoga class on Saturday mornings, which is taught by our newest instructors at the same time as the longstanding class!

Riding the wave of expansion, yoga classes were rolled out to some of the men at Dekalb County Jail starting in July. Since the women’s yoga classes have been so successful, the jail agreed to start offering a yoga class to the men in the STOP program. Kali Ma Das is our first male teacher to successfully complete the jail orientation and badge process. He is holding this program up while we are in the process of adding additional male instructors.

Since more students are dropping in and out of classes, we are unable to provide a copy of Ma’s The 11 Karmic Spaces to each of the students. In collaboration with the jail, the books are now available in the housing units for the inmates.

We continue to use Ma’s book as a foundation to teach our yoga classes. The women really enjoy listening to Ma’s words as we read from the books and often implement the tools provided in the book into their lives. It’s an honor and a privilege when I get to hear stories about how the book or the yoga class is helping them do deeper work to change and grow.

If you would like to donate towards purchasing copies of The 11 Karmic Spaces for the jail please click here.