Yogathon 2014

Every year the Yogathon raises critical funding for Kashi Atlanta Community Service Programs including Street Meals, Hospital KidsArt, The Care Team providing support for the sick and infirmed in the community; Yoga in the Community providing yoga classes in senior centers and jails, and Holiday Street Meals.

The Yogathon is a very special two hour class led by Swami Jaya Devi accompanied by the Kashi Kirtan Wallahs. The class itself is a multi-layered immersion into the practice. Each person has made a personal investment to be there. The experience is dynamic. Leading up to the event, Yogi / Fundraisers request sponsorships and donations from the community, 100% of which support the service programs.

The 2014 Yogathon was the most financially successful Yogathon to date, raising over $21,000! Special Congratulations to every Yogi Fundraiser including Agni Ma, Stacy Blackman, Devaki, Kali Ma Das, Maha Devi, Uma Devi, Ram Dev, Joy Dillard, Mirabai, Caroline Sigman, Christina Rumbaugh, Dharmaki, Sodashi, Jamie Green-Fergerson, Swami Jaya Devi, Surya Mayee, Kala, Candika, Bhadra Kali, Kumari, Maha Tara, Shankari, Amrit Kulick, Shakti Priya, Maheshwari, Dharmanatha, Tanya Farshy, Trishula and a few anonymous donors who pushed us over the top!