Karma Yoga: Union through Action

Karma Yoga is the path of union through action. I seek a deeper meaning within myself through my actions and how I serve the physical ashram. If I stay focused on a task with all its moving parts and  put my love and sacredness into the task, my small (minded) self disappears.

In the Bhagavad Gita; It reads ‘Do your duty, always; but without attachment. That is how a man (a person) reaches the ultimate truth; by working without anxiety about results.’

I do strive to remove anxiety from my mind while I am engaged in the act of karma yoga. For example, if I am challenged by a task whether it is plumbing a drain or installing a baseboard, I remember the sacredness. I recite a mantra, beg Ganesha (Deity for removing obstacles) for help or take 3 (sometimes more) deep breaths. This helps to focus my devotion and all external pains for that moment fall wayside.

By distracting my small (minded) self, I  provide a wedge to work out whatever pain or suffering I am torturing myself with. It allows my mind an inlet to remember the gratitude of having this body, helping others and remaining teachable. I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.

That’s not to say I don’t experience some sort of expectation or anticipation of an outcome, but lately it matters less and I spend less energy on the pain of it.

Krishna states that it is not necessary to remain in external solitude, or action-less in order to practice a spiritual life,  the state of action or inaction is primarily determined in the mind.

I am profoundly grateful I found a community that practices karma yoga and that allows me as a spiritual being to be taught in practical ways in which to apply my devotion!  SWAHA!