Thai Yoga Bodywork now available at Kashi Atlanta

Origin of Thai Yoga
Thai yoga is a 2,500 year old blend of Yoga, Ayurvedic principles, and acupressure that was founded by the Buddha’s personal physician, Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha. This practice is sometimes referred to as “lazy man’s yoga”, because the therapist guides your body through various poses and massages energy points called sen lines, encouraging the client to let go of doing and relax into being. Trained Thai yoga bodyworkers expertly manipulate you into letting go and assist areas of the body that have restriction and blocked energy, to release and return to their full range of movement. This manipulation allows energy to flow again through the body and mind, restoring health and vitality. You receive this form of bodywork wearing loose comfortable clothing and there is no use of oils or lotions. The incorporation of essential oils (optional), pillows and massage tools might be used.

Release of Muscular Tension
After receiving Thai yoga bodywork, many people report that muscles stay loose days after a session. To achieve this result, the therapist presses knuckles, feet, hands, thumbs and fingers into specific points while holding the participant in a stretch. This combined effort relieves areas of muscular stress and tension. Techniques involve stretching myofascial tissue; acupressure; compression of tissue; and manipulation of soft tissue.

Improved Circulation and Detoxification
Thai yoga massage works in a similar way to regular yoga poses. As participants hold a pose, blood slows to targeted areas. When the yogi releases the pose, fresh circulation rushes back into the area. Twisting and inverted Thai yoga positions, such as plough, shoulder stand and spinal twist, are particularly effective in refreshing circulation. Many poses can help with lymphatic drainage, the releasing of toxins that sometimes get trapped in the body. This practice increases the return of blood to the heart and improves digestion.

Release of Mental and Emotional Stress
Yoga and massage therapy can be a supportive and complimentary approach to mental health care. In Thai yoga bodywork, as well as other types of massage, the release of emotional or mental stress occurs through the manipulation of muscles while using conscious deep yogic breathing. The science of yogic breathing is called pranayama. Pranayama restores balance to the nervous system and aids in the focusing of the mind. Thai yoga massage incorporates meditation, which can help participants manage stress and let go of negative emotions. Thai Yoga bodywork is more than a physical science. The therapist works to carefully help the participant find the connection between exterior, or physical issues, and interior issues of the mind and heart, creating a holistic experience of mind-body-spirit.

If you are troubled with muscular tension and limited range of motion, challenges with circulation and the lymphatic system, or just need a release of emotional and mental stress, please email Kim Candika Alford at to set up an appointment.