Ironically, I improved my yoga practice NOT by practicing yoga

When I started using Yamuna® Body Rolling routines before yoga classes, I quickly noticed that my practice got an upgrade. My body became stronger and more open, my muscles longer and my bones better aligned in the joints. As a result of these improvements, I felt more at ease in the asanas, and I stopped injuring myself. I noticed that I sweat less and didn’t feel as wiped out after a strong flow class.

Yamuna balls are specially designed to access layers of tissue all the way down to the bone much like a deep tissue massage, but with the added bonus of traction that frees the connective tissue and allows the bones and muscles to return to proper alignment.

I noticed, for instance, that after releasing my lateral rotators and hamstrings with the Yamuna balls, my forward bends are now deep and injury free. (You’re welcome, lower back.) And because there are routines for every area of the body, over time, the difference in my experience of yoga is noticeably improved.

I was so impressed with my results that I became certified to teach Yamuna® Body Rolling in order to share  its many benefits with others.  I offer classes (Sat. 8:30am and Thurs. 9:30am), workshops and private sessions at Kashi Atlanta. The Sat. morning YBR class is right before Swami Jaya Devi’s very popular yoga class, so don’t just take my word for it; Double dip one Saturday morning and experience how Yamuna® Body Rolling can improve and complement your asana practice.