I Feel Good About My Sternum

I learned in my Yamuna Body Rolling training that one of the ways to gauge someone’s age is by looking at the tilt of their sternum. If your sternum (also known as breastbone) tilts downward, then you would benefit from lifting it, regardless of your age. You’ll look and feel better if you do. 

Press your middle finger into the sternum in between your pectorals and press up and back. Your posture corrects and your heart lifts. Your shoulders also begin to return to the back plane of the body where they belong. No more hunching forward, and you look younger!

Here’s another way to lift the sternum with more lasting results that I teach in my Yamuna Body Rolling classes. 
Lie face down on your yoga mat. Place the gold Yamuna ball underneath your sternum. Extend your arms out above your head with your hands on the mat, and lift your head looking up without straining your neck. Allow the rib cage and lungs to expand into the ball on the inhale. Inhale some more. Inhale some more. Exhale and the sternum sinks into the ball. Keep your arms extended and your head gently lifted.
In this motion, you are:

• Releasing myofascial restrictions in your chest and ribcage
• Allowing your lungs to breathe deeper
• Lifting the downward tilt of your sternum 
• Releasing the upper trapezius which gets so tight from the neck extending too far forward. 

Try this every day for 5 repetitions and your posture and breathing will dramatically improve.