Kashi Ashram Garden – Spring 2015, By Bhadra Kali

For many years, the month of April promised a visit to Kashi Atlanta, by our Guru, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati. Preparations for Her Gardens began in October and continued up to the day of Her arrival.

Tulips at Kashi Atlanta, Spring 2015

The planting of the tulips were staggered to cover the possibility of unseasonably warm (or cold . . . or wet) weather. The varied weeks of planting (300 – 500 tulips) were with the hope that at least some of them would be blooming for Ma.

Hyacinths,  on the other hand, perform year after year for us.   Some are more fragrant than others. (When I was told they are the flowers of the Persian New Year, I planted more for our Mirabai.) Our hyacinths begin to bloom a few weeks before the tulips. They overlap briefly in our Spring Garden & are always a sweet addition. The Grape Hyacinths smell like grape jelly!

Over the years, many people have tended this space.  Some have planted . . . some have watered.  Some have weeded . . . spread seeds. Kids have picked flowers.    There is sweetness in the tending of this space.


We, somehow,  plant and  cultivate a special place within ourselves in this Garden, over and over again, year after year , like perennial flowers. With awareness, the golden roots of our interwoven relationships can’t be denied.  They feel, to me, ancient but new.

This Spring, the Garden has been outstanding !!! MaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA would have loved it.


I come to every Garden as my cathedral. In Her quiet, my mind is quiet, and I am enriched.

Bhadra Kali