Kashi Atlanta is a non-profit organization. Our mission has always been one of education, service and healing, with living roots in the spiritual teaching of gurus Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati and Neem Karoli Baba.

We fulfill our mission through yoga, service and loving spiritual community. Body, mind and spirit are nourished in a safe, caring environment that encourages real healing and spiritual growth.

Our Core Values

At Kashi Atlanta, we are committed to these core values and ideals:

    • Aliveness
      We believe the whole universe is alive, and the ability to connect to this aliveness is everyone’s birthright.
    • Fearlessness
      We believe bliss lies just on the other side of fear and pain.
    • Kindness
      We believe we create a kinder world by practicing kindness in every moment.
    • Acceptance
      We believe everyone matters, and we accept everyone unconditionally.
    • Service
      We believe that everyone must learn to drink as they pour.
    • Gratitude
      We believe gratitude is the highest form of love.
    • Simplicity
      We believe everyone deserves and wants to live a simple, well-balanced and wholesome life.

Organizational Structure

Kashi Atlanta’s organizational structure pairs best business practices with the aspiration for spiritual growth.

While Swami Jaya Devi Bhagavati is the Executive Director and Spiritual Teacher of Kashi Atlanta, the operations of the ashram are led by Jaya Das Bhagavati. Jaya Das has the main responsibility of taking care of Swami Jaya Devi and of the ashram. He manages a group of seven Directors, each with responsibility to lead a particular area of interest for the ashram.

Almost the entire organization is lead and run by volunteers, we have only a very limited number of paid staff. Our eternal gratitude is offered to everyone who takes the lead to participate in Kashi Atlanta and make it into the amazing place that it is.