One of the paths of yoga is Karma Yoga, the practice of seva, also known as selfless service.

Swami Jaya Devi speaks about seva and how serving without selfish motives supports spiritual growth:

There are many volunteer opportunities that might appeal to you. Whether it is for an afternoon… or even just an hour, there are possibilities. Our main public service programs are KidsArt at the Children’s Hospital and our weekly Street Meals project, coordinated with a downtown Atlanta shelter.

Your participation will make a difference. There are numerous hourly, weekly, monthly and spontaneous ways to serve others. By diving into one of our volunteer programs you will create an opportunity of deep personal spiritual growth by giving back to something bigger than you.

Call our front desk for a discussion about current opportunities, or fill out the interest form on the detail pages of our seva programs. We are happy to devise a plan that allows you to get what you’re seeking.

Volunteer opportunities include:

Testimonials from our volunteers:

“I only came to Kashi to do yoga, to stretch. I stretched alright. Not just physically in yoga but in ways I have never imagined.” 

“Volunteering at Kashi Atlanta has given me a sense of belonging and responsibility to something outside of myself. It has expanded me and opened a door to a community that I feel, equally supported by. My experience in working at the front-desk or pulling weeds in the flower beds is the same… full of heart felt energy that has flooded back to me. When I have completed my time each week, I feel more alive than when I arrived.”