Kashi KidsArt

“Medicine cures the body, but Art cures the Spirit”

KidsArt Collage

KidsArt is a Kashi seva program where volunteers get to draw from their own creativity and compassion to work with children being treated at local hospitals. The arts and crafts projects help to engage the kids and their families, taking their minds off their pain, anxiety and illness. Illness can rob a child of his/her identity. When the child proudly displays their Kids Art project, he/she reveals a bit of their inner being; no longer just the cancer kid in room 3012, the child is seen, unveiling their creative, shining spirit.

Twice a month, Kashi takes art projects to CHOA Scottish Rite Hospital, and provides an opportunity for patients and their families to get out of their rooms and make art. Volunteers help the children make projects like paper bag puppets, mobiles, holiday crafts, and mixed-media paintings.

Being in a hospital can be a scary and uneasy situation for children and their families. Many times we get a sense that the parents and siblings are in just as much need of the art projects as the patients. The children and families leave with a project to hang in their rooms and big smiles on their faces. “I almost forgot I was at the hospital with an IV”, was the comment from a 6 year old transplant kid on a recent Sunday afternoon.

Volunteers keep coming back to KidsArt because of they enjoy working with the children, some of whom are long-term patients they see regularly. KidsArt is a special way to give back to community and touch the hearts of suffering children.

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