The Sacred Path of Choice

January 2015

Every moment the universal force of the divine points out your different choices. During every moment of every single day that you live upon the earth, the divine essence has a breathtaking closeness to you. It’s like a sacred rhythm that you can only hear if you get quiet enough to listen. The pulsation of the universe is happening all around you and within you. The sacred art of meditation brings you closer to the rhythms of the soul. The sacred beauty is raw and is always calling you towards the depth of your essential being.

And yet we live in a world of infinite, sometimes overwhelming, choice. We make small, simple choices each and every day, from what kind of coffee to order to which route to drive to work. In making these everyday choices, we are hoping to make our lives a little easier, by scoring our morning fix or maneuvering the least amount of traffic. But what about the more difficult choices that we make, like how to respond to a painful interaction with a relative or colleague? When the roots of pain feel undeniably familiar, it is time to look at how we respond to our lives and its challenges, and bring the light of awareness to our more arduous choices.

What is it that pushes us into the same situation lifetime after lifetime? Ask yourself what stops you from learning to hesitate before reacting to someone else’s anger. Anger takes you out of the moment and into a current of the past or the future. Next time you are in a difficult encounter, take a moment and breathe deeply, connecting to an inner feeling of peaceful stability and strength. Here you become the eye of the storm. You can choose to live a life of awareness and awakening, but you can only be in the space of sacred awareness in the actuality of the moment. You can only feel the power of pure being in the present. You can only feel the open heart in the now. You can only resist the temptation of chaos by finding your way back to center. With one deep breath of awareness, you can feel it. You can feel the power that the sacred gives to you welling up within your own being. Understand that you know how to live from the open heart, and you do not have to be hurt to do so.

Once you awaken to the essence of the silent heart in deep meditation, the silence calls to you with the promise of knowing who you are, who you have always been and who you will always be. In this space you connect to your own soul. You taste a moment of wholeness. Here you dwell in the silent and compassionate heart, where the higher mind awakens to the real possibility of growth, and the soul rests in the harmony of the universe.