How does the physical body relate to the soul?

The soul is perfect, pristine and radiant. It is that which never changes. It is the purity of the Self, of the jiva atman. But the soul gets covered over with the detritus of living and we often find ourselves struggling to connect to our innate power and beauty. And the souls expression through the body is different in different people. Sometimes the human body is a reflection of the radiance of the soul. It’s powerful and flexible, magnificent and strong. But sometimes the brightest of souls can come into a physical body that is painful, diseased, or wrecked. Suffering inevitably can be used as fuel to grow. Transcending the suffering of the physical body and still knowing yourself as the radiance of soul is an advanced spiritual feat. Don’t get caught in the fallacy of thinking the most physically adept people are also the most spiritually advanced.  Sometimes just the opposite is true.