How do we share the transformation we’re undergoing through the deep practices we do with you with someone that isn’t receptive to it?

Cautiously and judiciously! When you first embark on the spiritual path through the deeper dimensions of yoga, you experience profound change and transformation in a short amount of time. During this transformative period, it’s helpful to be a little protective of your work, your self, and your unfolding, inner heart.  You’re like a baby fawn trying to stand up on new legs, and you’re not even sure how those legs work and stabilize, so you have to give yourself some time and space to get your feet under you. You don’t want to expose your baby-fawn self to the wolves of the world just yet!  It’s not about being secretive or hidden, but it is about being mindful and aware.

If someone attacks your newfound practice of yoga, stand on those new legs as best you can but be simple in your reply to them. Being defensive often creates a circle of attack and defense and one of you has to be smart enough to step outside that circle. Tell them the practices are meaningful to you. Reassure them that your relationship and connection to them is meaningful to you as well, and that you feel the practices you are undertaking are helping you be a better human being, (if you feel that.) The yoga practices can make you better at relationships overall, which makes you better at your partnerships, your friendships, your job, and even your relationship with yourself. If it makes you feel like a better human being, why should they be threatened by it? If they are really your friend, they will support you in your growth and personal development.