Does anxiety reside in the first chakra? If so, what is a practice to do to stabilize/calm this?

Anxiety is a form of chronic, low-grade fear. Fear is an inhabitant of the ego/negative mind in the first chakra. In yoga, we often speak of fearlessness, of being the warrior, awake and present, facing our fears head-on. Fearlessness is not an absence of fear, but the birthplace of courage. It’s when our fear is most awake that we have the opportunity to take a deep breath, pick up the tool of courage and walk through unworthiness or shame into the light of authentic power. Fear likes to steal our power, diminishing our strength and integrity. But when we connect to the moment and call on courage in a moment of fear, we learn to use fear or anxiety as fuel. This begins to change our relationship with fear. We intentionally burn self-limiting beliefs in the fire of being real. We intentionally change our relationship with our breath in order to access our power. We intentionally change our experience of the present moment by showing up, open hearted, even when it’s hard. The practices for overcoming anxiety? Intentionality. Living in the moment. Courage. Conscious Breath. The Bhuvanesvari Breath is one of the best tools to calm anxiety.