Our Floor Renovation December 2014

A Whole New Foundation!

If you’ve visited the ashram in the new year, you might have noticed that we’ve got a whole new foundation:  we ripped up and removed the old, oatmeal-colored carpet and installed gleaming, new hardwood floors!

You can imagine this was a massive community undertaking as dozens and dozens of volunteers emptied out the upstairs of the ashram in preparation for the work to begin.  The mobilization of our community meant it only took us less than an hour to remove all of the paintings, murtis (statues), and office equipment!

In less than two weeks, our team of workers ripped up the old carpet and installed the lovely new flooring.  We also used the opportunity to freshen up the paint in the hallway, bathrooms, and the small, upstairs yoga studio.

Ma Jaya liked to say that the Gods and Goddesses are neat freaks! If you’ve ever refinished floors, you know what a dusty process it is.  In the end, we swept and polished until everything was spiffy. We rehung the artwork and placed our beloved murtis back into their niches and onto their altars.

If you haven’t paid us a visit lately, come by — you’re in for a real treat. There’s a bright feeling as the sunlight reflects off the warm, wood of the floor.  We love the way it sounds when we chant “Om” and it reverberates around the room.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who made this incredible transformation possible.


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