Chili Cook-Off 2014

It’s always so much fun coming together, as a community, around food. Especially on a beautiful, sunny fall day. Our 4th Great Vegetarian Chili & Cornbread Cook-Off presented the offerings of nearly 20 cooks. Each meal was lovingly prepared and served on October 18, 2014. The awesome variety of chilis and cornbreads really showcased our diverse palettes. Sodashi’s white chili with cauliflower, to Fawzia’s ‘Chili Verde,’ to Miribai’s creative chili enchilada assemblage, to a chipotle/mango chili and many more! A herb cornbread by Roger, to Shakti’s sweet one, to Shakti Priya’s gluten free water baked cornbeard, to Kali Ananda’s heart shaped cornbread with chilis and on and on. Our guests vote by dropping their spoons and forks in a cup at the station of their favorite chilis and cornbreads. The winners in both categories were given blinged out ladles and spatulas, done by our Dharma Devi. Plus, each participant receives a ‘coveted’ handmade gift. As all fundraisers at Kashi Atlanta, the proceeds went to support our ongoing Community Service Programs. Consider participating next year in our Chili & Cornbread Cook-Off.

Congratulations to the winners! The Chili Winners this year were Fawzia and Gita! The Cornbread Winners were Shakti and Roger! Thank you so everyone who entered, tasted, donated and/or volunteered!